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Top 10 benefits of A Swim Spa; All the comforts of a spa. You get the massaging hot water jets and all the enjoyment that a spa can offer in a unit that also includes a swimming area. The only difference is that this is much more compact than a traditional in-ground pool with a separate area for a hot tub or spa. ‘Traditional’ pool benefits included. Although the swim spa is designed differently than a traditional swimming pool, it is still large enough to fit a number of people and to allow the same kind of fun enjoyed in traditional swimming pools. Again, the main difference is the depth of the water and a smaller pool area. Compact design. Pools are out of the question for some people because they don’t have sufficient space in their backyards. Swim spas may be the answer because they don’t take up nearly the size of a traditional swimming pool. Easy installation. Swim spas are more like spas or fiberglass swimming pools, so if they are going in-ground, the installation is fairly quick and easy. However, they also come in above ground models that make the installation even simpler. Exercise. Perhaps the most popular reason to get a swim spa is to enjoy the ability to swim laps without worrying about turns or paying for big pools. Water jets that can be adjusted for various speeds push out against the swimming, keeping them in place, as they swim against the current. With the jets off, the swim spa can also be used for other water-based exercises. Easier maintenance. Compared to a traditional swimming pool, the maintenance for a swim spa is much easier because it is smaller and uses fewer chemicals. Also, the fiberglass or acrylic construction produces a smooth surface that minimizes the production of algae. Convenience. Spas are great for relaxing and easing muscle tensions and aches, particularly after exercise. With the swim spa, you can go almost immediately from your water workout into the massaging waters of the spa. Portable. Swim spas that are not in-ground units have the advantage of being mobile, meaning they can move when you move. While there’s a certain benefit to adding a little to the price of your home because of the swimming pool, it’s also nice to start with a swim spa in your new home. Use year-round. Because the swim spas are portable, they can be located indoors or outdoors. If your home has an indoor location for a swim spa, you can enjoy the unit even on stormy or snowy days. Encourage exercise. A swim spa that may have been meant for the swimmer in the family is likely to encourage others to try out the benefits of easy, lap swimming. The jets that provide resistance can be set for beginner swimmers or for much more capable swimmers. ( Compact with a Current: Swim Spa Benefits Why Invest In A Swim Spa? A swim spa provides the benefits of a swimming pool in a compact package. It produces a current that users can swim against and provides plenty of room for aquatic exercise; some even allow for deep-water running or exercising while keeping the swimmer completely buoyant. Many swim spa models also offer hydrotherapy seating and jets, combining attributes of a hot tub and pool in one convenient unit, so you can experience a soothing massage after your aquatic workout, or a friend or family member can enjoy hydrotherapy while you exercise. Your personal use will depend on your fitness goals; for some owners, it’s a great way to keep active, while others may use it to train for a competitive sport. Taking advantage of water’s resistance, swim spas can be used for swimming, running­ or walking in place, or completing an aquatic workout routine using water weights, swim fins, resistance bands, and buoyancy belts. Manufacturers employ different systems to create a steady current that you can swim or walk against. Swimmers can adjust the speed and intensity to modify their routines. Jet or nozzle systems are the most common and usually provide a narrower current, but they also may allow users to adjust the direction of the water flow to customize their workouts. Shallower models work well for swimmers, but for users performing water aerobics or walking, a deeper pool is typically required. Some swim spa models even have a deep water well that can increase the depth up to two additional feet. When not in use, swim spas are kept covered to hold in heat and prevent evaporation, saving energy and water consumption. In addition, dirt and debris stay out of the water, and fewer chemicals are needed. Why Exercise in Water? Through the ages water has always been regarded by humans as a relaxing and comforting medium. Indeed it is essential to our very existence. Aside from its nutritional, ascetic and soothing properties water can also be an important component to the overall health and fitness of our lives. Regardless of our age, gender or current status in live, water can provide additional heath benefits to help us improve our health. The health and fitness benefits in the water environment are multi-faceted. Swimming itself is recognized as an excellent regime to improve strength, flexibility, enhanced muscular stamina and balance, improved cardiovascular performance and better physique or figure. For those looking to improve their health status through rehabilitation or pain treatment, the water exercise format can provide buoyancy to reduce impact while enhancing flexibility and strength improvement.(Lin, Davey &Cochrane2004; Wang et al 2007) When you’re standing in chest deep water, the water is bearing 80% of your weight! And studies have shown a person generally burns two calories more per minute of activity in the water than on land. So while you’re nearly weightless in the water, you can easily do exercises and movements that might have been hard to perform on land, reducing tension, frustration and pain. Healthy Living Article: (cited at bottom) How Water Aerobics Help You Stay Fit And Live Longer It's time to make a big splash this summer — for your health. The United States Census Bureau reports that during 2009, there were 301 million swimming visits each year by Americans who were over the age of six. Swimming — ranked as the fourth most popular sports-based activity in the nation — can reduce the incidence of chronic illnesses with just two and a half hours a week, says the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Water aerobics is easy on the joints and can even increase muscle strength and endurance due to the water's built-in resistance. This form of exercise is preferred by many as opposed to a more traditional form of fitness, like hitting the gym, because the weight doesn't pull the person down the same way a regular workout would. Therefore, a person can exercise longer on water than on land without the extra effort or the joint and muscle pain that often accompanies a regular exercise routine because of its low impact. Syd Hoffman , health and wellness educator in Phoenix, Ariz. and author of All-Day Energy: 100 Ways to Boost Your Energy...Now! told Medical Daily that water walking and water aerobics is "75 percent gentler on their joints," referring to people with inflammation and/or who are overweight. There is no delay of muscle soreness after a workout, which makes it a go-to activity for those looking for a low-impact aerobic workout. Joint range of motion and muscle function is increased during water fitness without having a negative impact on those who participate in it and have chronic diseases. In a study published in the journal The Cochrane Library, researchers reviewed six studies involving 800 patients to compare the effectiveness and safety of aquatic-exercise methods to treat knee and hip osteoarthritis (OA). The results of the study showed that water aerobics have some short-term benefits for patients with knee and hip OA, and should be done as the first part of a longer exercise regimen for those with OA. Water-based activities are beneficial to those who suffer from inflammatory diseases due to thehydrostatic pressure, which aids aching joints. Janna Lowell, personal fitness trainer in Los Angeles, CA and author of Noodles For Dumbbells - Water Exercise, Weight Management & More said to Medical Daily that she believes the hydrostatic pressure helps alleviate painful joints as it "causes stagnant fluid build-up to disappear while keeping the heart rate 13-17 points lower than it would be on land with the same level of intensity." The impact of aquatic exercises on the heart rate can be a great form of exercise for individuals who suffer from heart complications. Water aerobics can help improve the physical and mental health of an individual. The environment can help you relieve stress and tension as the muscles are loosened once you let your body submerge in water. The little to no impact on joints and muscles helps you strengthen the body and lose weight; a person who weighs 150 lbs. can burn 272 calories in one hour — sweat free! Swimming This form of water exercise can increase cardiovascular health, joint health, and upper and lower body strength. A swimming cardio workout is a great way to ease into exercising, especially if you are looking for a low-impact aerobic activity. Donna M. Lubrano, water fitness instructor in Boston, Mass. told Medical Daily that swimming is a great cross-training tool to keep in shape while healing from injuries, like orthopedic injuries in athletes. "[Swimming] helps with blood pressure and overall mental health and relaxation," she said. Vertical Exercise - Water Aerobics Unlike swimming, vertical exercise seeks to maximize resistance, which results in a core challenge. "Consequently, it is easier to keep those nasty midlife inches from accumulating in the area where they contribute to metabolic breakdown and all its associated diseases," said Lowell to Medical Daily. Water can even improve and maintain balance as it unloads the spine. This form of exercise can relieve the wear and tear of joints and help you stay fit. For those wondering if you can rehab a knee, hip, or shoulder in the water and get cardiovascular and strength training, you can. Lubrano has worked with pre-habilitation and post-habilitation clients who were going for orthopedic surgery beforehand so they can have an increase in strength and decrease their recovery time. "Post-habilitation in conjunction with regular physical therapy increase the speed of post-surgery recovery," she said to Medical Daily. Water Aerobics Isn't Just For The Sick And Elderly Water aerobics is for everyone, especially athletes who are training for a marathon or fear getting injured while training. For marathon runners, Lubrano recommends to include some water running sessions in your workout. Water-based activities can increase a person's flexibility and help prevent injuries. Family Leisure has the lowest prices on Spas and Hot Tubs by Artesian Spas, Viking Spas, Dream Maker Spas, and swim spas. Soak up a little heaven on earth with one of our spas or hot tubs. Whether you’ve had a long day or it’s your daily ritual, there’s nothing like treating yourself to a little time in a spa or hot tub from Watson's of Cincinnati. Along with easing stress and tension, a good soak can provide you with deeper sleep and various health benefits. 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